Book A Free Website Consultancy

Each week we have 5 x 15 minute free consultancy slots to people/businesses who just are not sure on which way to go, how to best achieve or ways to grow their digital business!

These are designed for small businesses and start ups who need advice but cannot access a paid service.  It can cover website hosting, design, user experience, social platforms, sales tactics, communications strategies or how to build an ecommerce store!

You are free to book a slot and speak to one of our consultants.  T&C’s underneath.

Important Information:

1.  These are provided free of charge.  We are not under any legal obligation to see a meeting through should unforeseen circumstances arise or there be any suspicion as to the nature of the consultancy. 

2.  We are not held liable for any actions following on from any items discussed in the consultancy; we are there to advise, guide and give feedback based on our knowledge and experience.

3.  We retain the right to cancel a meeting if we find our support cannot make a meeting, but will endeavour to rearrange one should time slots be available.  If you cannot make a meeting, please let us know at your earliest so we can find another time to suit, or cancel if completely if your circumstances change

4.  All meetings will be recorded to protect both parties.  No information will be made public without your consent, however, if any points discussed could be useful for others, we will discuss this with you.