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100 Club Membership


Upon your purchase you will receive a confirmation email.

This will have a download link.  Please download the PDF and read the instructions to get started.


This is my application to join the 100 Club and benefit straight away by getting started with my new website, the hosting of my website, social media help, SEO & Google training and strategic marketing support

For my £150 investment I get a £379 package.

£10.  Website domain name training.

£50.  Webspace set up for your new site, including 2 business email addresses.

£99.   Website template for me to adjust and train on, so I can learn how to manage my site in the future.

£50.   Website lifetime license cover for all updates.

£30.   Website legal requirements & GDPR.

£60.   3 months of the basic managed website hosting with all of the support with backups, site updates and more.

£20.    Access to the Social Media Training package to get you up and socially connected with your business.

£30 .   Access to the Google/SEO training so I can set up my account and get the tracking code which can go onto my new website so I can follow visitor numbers.

£30.  Access to the strategic marketing training.

FREE ongoing membership to the Marketing Training & Support Group.

£379 in total.


Please read before purchasing as they form a part of the legal contact between LifeTools Digital and yourself.

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