Gold Marketing Package

Gold Marketing Package


Professional small business marketing package which automatically includes our ‘3 Star’ website business hosting package; we build on that by helping you manage your website updates, Social Media accounts, SEO adjustment & setting aims and objectives for your business reach. There are 3 packages, Bronze, Silver & Gold; the bigger packages have more Advertising and Advanced targeting for more sophisticated and focused customer targeting.



Small business marketing support package, we help you with your marketing, advertising and social reach leaving you free to focus on your business; 3 levels of support, Bronze, Silver & Gold. The Gold package gets weekly marketing, advertising and reach; this a vital key in marketing which is consistency and frequency in promoting your brand, product & connecting to prospects and past customers.

✔ Incl 3 Star Hosting Package @ £80
✔ Develop & Maintain Basic SEO Plans
✔ Develop & Maintain Social Media Reach
✔ Develop & Maintain Email List
✔ Website Updates For Google Traffic
✔ Weekly Communication & Promotion Plan
✔ Develop New Client Outreach & Sales Points
✔ Develop Free Advertising and PR for Marketing & Sales
✔ Develop Marketing Campaigns Using Google & Facebook
✔ Develop Unique Outreach Strategy Linking Website & Social Media For Growth


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