Church, Charity or Community Organisation

We have a range of support schemes to help churches, charities and organisations that are non-profit making and are run to serve others.

At LifeTools Digital we believe that those who give to others also need to have support and something offered back in return, that is why we offer pro-bono work, discounted facilities and free access to training.

Half Price/Free Hosting

You get our professional secure hosting package at half price, managed as well! For new or struggling, we also offer a free hosting package.

Professional Website Designs

If your organisation needs a site, we offer a package involving free work, training & resources to help you get your organisation working online.

Free On-line Website Training

If you want to take charge of your website, or organisation ‘marketing’ to reach supporters, we offer free online training courses.

Pro Bono Work Undertaken

We have resources available to undertake some pro bono work, if you have no resources and need some work, please apply below.

Develop Social Media Followers

We help you to develop a social media following, via our training. Others can help share your vision, work and gain more interest in what you do.

Develop Communication Channels

Your website can have multiple email accounts and our training shows how to develop an email communication list and keep supporters updated.

If you want to take advantage of any of our services, discounted hosting, free training, pro bono work done for you or marketing support to help your organisation get reach and traction; apply below.

Our packages are cost covered only, not for profit. Pro bono work is limited to resources.

✔ A staff member will check your application credentials.

✔ You are encouraged to join our social media support group to meet and connect with others; there is a private group for our churches, charities and organisations.

✔ The packages are subject to a reasonable and fair use policy. This includes resources (emails, web-space, bandwidth and support time).

✔ Our free and support resources are offered without liability.

To enquire further fill out the form below and lets start a conversation.

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To make direct contact with us, use the form below.  Tell us what you are searching for, one of our team will get straight back to you.  Please leave a contact number and ensure our domain is in your safe sender list.