Marketing Acceleration Package

Lost in the middle of running your business so much that you cannot see the wider picture, so your sales are suffering, competition seems to thrive and potential customers are not responding to your marketing?

The Marketing Boost Acceleration Package Is For You

6.5 billion internet searches on Google each day, but you are not getting anything visitors?

Hundreds of millions of people on social media every day, but it’s not working for you?

Our package will review your website, social media accounts, advertising activity and key marketing activities; we will look at:

> Who your ideal customers/clients are and where they are to be found – and how to reach them
> Who your competition is and examine what ‘traffic’ they are getting from searches
> Key social media platforms that work the best for your products/services
> Your customer database & method of nurturing and loyalty building
> Examine your post-sales 3 R’s and if they are in place & working
> Looking at your ‘brand’ touch points and seeing if you are following up on leads
and more…


We know marketing is more than just on-line; our business experience goes before the internet was the beast it is now. So we look at other touch points, local networking, joint ventures, direct contact, contracting and more. These plans get results – make a decision to boost your marketing today!


How it works? We send you a ‘check list’ for you to fill out so we know what you do, we speak to you, and then we deliver your chosen plan, you chose from two options:

A. Internet only view. We look at the points mentioned above, apply research techniques, examine your website and other accounts. We give a thorough report back to you for you to consider implementing.

B. Full marketing review. We not only look at the points above, but none internet points as well. Our research analysis goes deeper, our examination of your website traffic goes deeper and we look at your competition. We give a thorough report back to you for you to consider implementing.

After this, if you want us to implement the changes on your behalf and book a second review (e.g. we can implement changes, put marketing strategies into place and then review to see if there is an increase in traffic, sales & enquiries).

These are designed to be one-off packages and different from our monthly marketing management packages, where we provide a month by month support package of marketing, advertising, promotions, email communication & reviews. If you want to take a support package after having an Acceleration Boost package, they can be ‘tagged’ on the end for ongoing support to your business, using our skills. To order your package, select below:


A. Internet review

Marketing Accelerator Package

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