Marketing Strategies

A range of strategies can be applied to help your business grow. It’s all about making a plan that uses strategy, has focus and is targeted. Your plan can involve free traffic or paid advertisement; it can be time consuming or taking very little time; it can be focused on targeting local customers or world wide.


You can optimise your website for free google traffic with fine targeting to get visitors to your website or you can use paid advert to target very specific areas.

Global & Local Reach

Want to reach people around the globe or be found by people in your area – it can be built in to the marketing plan.


You can generate business on Facebook for free by using pages and groups; or you can target customers with paid advertisements. There is a free course you can undertake as well to learn more.


Developing your own client list, email database and social following is a way of building loyalty and developing regular communication to encourage more business.

The Rest

There are many other social platforms, techniques, strategies and elements for lead generation, sales & developing your business.

Marketing Support

Want to ensure your site & business grows – we offer training, marketing support and advice that can be linked to your hosting package or as a stand-alone marketing support.

Our marketing support packages can be off the shelf or bespoke but they are all designed to support your business, get you seen by potential customers, connect with those who are not on social media and help you grow your business. There are many ways, tactics, insightful tips and strategies that can be applied: the effectiveness is in making a plan that fits your business, starting it and then reviewing it!

We supply a package that involves minimal support but training, leaving you free to run your business and your marketing campaign.

We supply a package that involves full management of your marketing, involving a mixture of paid and free activity, communication and email promotions and regular appraisal.

We supply a package that involves a full 100% investigation of your business goals, objectives and competitor analysis first – find out what makes them successful and the internet traffic market share they and what they are being ‘looked at’ for.

We supply a package that involves a mixture of the above along with marketing support via a support group and “1 on 1” monthly appraisals and objective reviews.

We supply a package that involves training only and support, no activity on our part in your marketing, but you get the information to get you going and advice on how to adjust your strategy.

Depending upon the nature of your business, how new or established it is, we have a plan to fit your requirement. Just use the form below to tell us a little about your business and we will get back to you with recommended options for you to look over.

A range of business marketing management packages


A range of thorough marketing support packages from social media to adverts, marketing & prospect database building.

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Specialist one off marketing review package design to Boost your Business


For businesses who need a fresh marketing plan, a full appraisal, review and strategy designed to increase traffic / sales.

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A range of hosting packages that have a basic marketing support built in

Hosting Packages

Hosting with basic marketing, designed for the small business owner who is on a budget but needs professional support.

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