LifeTools Training Courses

Training courses available to help you understand and grow your business across a wide range of areas.  Some are one off simple courses, others are a little longer as they require a more in-depth approach.

Free Training

Our CLUB MEMBERS and those related to church, charity & communities get free access to some of the paid courses. We also have limited numbers of free passes to get started.

Hosting For Growth

Learn about how good fast secure hosting can help your business website rise up the rankings. It’s a major factor that needs to be understood by owners.

Global or Local Reach

Learn about how you gear up your website for a global audience or to target local customers. Global store verses local garage, bakery or service provision: target your clients.

Effective Communication

Learn about how effective communication, via email, social posts or other methods can increase your business revenue, reach, profit margin and more.

Social Media Skills

Learn how social media pages, groups & plaforms can help you gain followers, business reach, sales & publicity (PR) opportunities. Pick the training right for you.

Marketing and SEO

Other training includes essential ares such as marketing, advertising, effective SEO, competitor research; covering both free and paid tactics.

Key Training Points

What next? Just one of THREE choices:
1. Click on ‘Enter Training’ to visit our training area and select the course you want to undertake; sign up and go for it!
2. Use the contact form below if you have already sign up for training / membership but haven’t received your log in area, or you want to enquire about a voucher.
3. If you are NOT SURE about the value of the training, you should undertaken our FREE 5-day course; it lays the foundations for hosting, website design, marketing & business growth. You will learn enough in that for you to make changes or you may want to focus in on a speciality and go for it!

Our training is delivered on our training academy website, the links below will take you off our site and onto our training site.

Training Area

Visit our training area, find a course suitable for you and then enrol in any of our starter courses! If you want to grow your business or organisation but are not sure where or how, our courses help you.

They include critical thinking, strategy as well as the skills required to compete the training tasks.


5 Day Free Training Course

Enrol in our FREE 5 day build a website course; includes hosting, website design, SEO, Social Media and you get a free website to practice on!

Go at your own pace in a private members area with tutorial support available.  Open to ANYONE to enrol.


Contact Us

Any questions you have about our training, please feel free to ask.