About Us

LifeTools Digital Agency life of out in Staffordshire, supporting small businesses develop their marketing and streamlining customer communication. We developed specialist hosting set up for small businesses, smart elegant website designs, marketing packages and support and turned it into a unique business start up complete package.

In time this enabled us to streamline how we help and support businesses and also launch a range of training courses, so we could support businesses who wanted training and in-house staff to take on social media (customer communication), marketing and basic website updates.

A move to Newark on Trent meant we could start to support businesses in and around Newark, Lincoln, Nottingham, Southwell and surrounding towns.

Over the years we have worked with manufacturing, showrooms, start-ups, niche businesses, e-commerce and developed unique support systems. No matter what your business is, we have solutions that can be tailored.

Our skill is in treating your business as if it was our own, applying ideas, strategies and systems to help your business grow.

It doesn’t matter what sector your business is in, having good key communications, relevant reach, targeted audience for marketing and advertising is essential for growth. Putting strategies in for customer development, ideas for reaching new markets or coming up with business support; we are there.

Some Things We Do For You

> Who your ideal customers/clients are and where they are to be found – and how to reach them
> Who your competition is and examine what ‘traffic’ they are getting from searches
> Key social media platforms that work the best for your products/services
> Your customer database & method of nurturing and loyalty building
> Examine your post-sales 3 R’s and if they are in place & working
> Looking at your ‘brand’ touch points and seeing if you are following up on leads

> Develop niche targeting to open up new markets, customers & business opportunties

and more…

We know marketing is more than just on-line; our business experience goes before the internet was the beast it is now. So we look at other touch points, local networking, joint ventures, direct contact, contracting and more.

Because we support local businesses, if you happen to be in Newark on Trent, Lincoln, Nottingham, Southwell and places in between, we are happy to have a direct consultation. We have ‘off the shelf’ packages tailored for start up businesses on a budget through to bespoke services for those who want a tailored support.

Please contact us using the form below, social media touch points in the header or click and call us (top and bottom of the page).

About Us

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