Unique One Off Packages

These packages are all designed help you with training, researching your competition, buying a website as a gift, marketing support boost and more.

Website Gifts

Do you have a loved on who is a keen hobbyist or wanting to start a business? Why not buy them a website as a gift and allow them to ‘blog’ away about their hobby, share images, videos & more. Or give them a starting point as a business to get them ‘on-line’.

SEO Investigation

If you want to get ahead, examine your competition. This one off package will examine your competition, how much traffic they are getting, keywords and phrases that are ranking their site. You can use it then to get your site ahead!

Free Training

We have a range of unique training courses you can access and have a professional quick start set of lessons on marketing, SEO, social media & more. Ideal for new business owners, friends wanting to set up a venture and more.

Marketing Booster

Sales struggling and failing to get traction or starting out and you want a strategy and starting points.  You can buy a one off Marketing Booster where we look at your market, products/services, sales points and give you a step by step report you can easily implement (or have someone implement it for you).

Website Gift Ideas & Presents


Have a look at what you can buy as a gift and what they can do with it; it’s a unique concept and would make a wonderful surprise! Look inside now!

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Accelerate Your Marketing

Boost Sales

This unique package is for those small businesses who need an assessment of their marketing, market share & adverts/reach with a view to boosting their reach & sales.

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Access A Range Of Training Courses

free training

A range of free & paid training courses from marketing to branding, SEO to website design, repeat sales to advertising insights. Get new skills today.

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SEO Competition Investigation

get ahead

We can examine your site, your competitors site and give you a detailed step by step report on how pick up on traffic you are currently missing.

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